Monday, October 10, 2011

update from Honduras

Despite the recent strike in Honduras, IHNFA has appointed a new director, who also happens to be the official personal assistant to the First lady of Honduras.  The First lady of Honduras is the one who has been spearheading the adoption efforts for Honduras' orphans.  IHNFA will be resuming work and returning to normal beginning this week.

In the past, Honduras Children’s Court made the decisions on which children were available for adoption. Since IHNFA has taken this responsibility from Children’s Court, the adoption process will be processed more quickly.  YAY!

According to IHNFA, there are approximately 11,000 children currently under their care and referrals should be made by the end of this year.  End of this year.  This means our baby will have a face, and likely a name for Christmas.  So excited!


  1. So you are officially on the waitlist?? Yay! Do you know what number you are? Our dossier has been translated and is at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs now. So it will be presented to IHFNA very soon!

  2. Hi Meg! Are you on the yahoo group? I can't find you on FB or find your email address!


  3. Also at:

  4. That's great! Can I ask where you got that information? I haven't heard that from our agency yet but its great to hear! We are close to sending our dossier over and anxious to see what the process will be like...will be following your journey! :)

  5. Kim, I'm not sure what yahoo group you are talking about. Fill me in.

    Mossylou, this info is straight from our agency. I know that different agencies have different time lines. Check into it and see. I'm hopeful, but won't be surprised if this changes a hundred times!

  6. eek! you are getting so close! just look at that fundraiser ticker!! $23K???? remember not so long ago when you and i emailed and we were both oh so far from our huge, insurmountable fundraising goals? wow. God is so incredible!!! i am crying right now to think you might just see your sweet babys face by christmas!! oh i am so excited for you dear friend!!