Sunday, March 20, 2011

always on time...

Things here at the Anthony household have been crazy!  We've had these bugs, which we recently found out are nasty drain flies...ewww, since October.  Yep...they were drowning in the punch at Thanksgiving.  Through a series of events in January, we found out that we had a broken pipe in our kitchen floor.  Not an easy fix when you live in a split level where the kitchen is on a slab.  This was likely the source of the flies as all the water and yuck from the garbage disposal was going right into the ground under our kitchen.

So, you can imagine what kind of a project this was going to be.  And here in the Anthony house, we don't hire people to do the work...we do it ourselves.  Only this time there was no least for this part.  This was all Dan.  I did not see myself operating a jackhammer and digging into the yuck under the floor.  Plus, there were bugs involved.  And it made for a very dusty, dirty house.  So I bailed.  My parents were in Florida and they are just minutes away from our house.  And their house was clean.  And quiet.

Oh, come on...wouldn't you?
We, for sure, are thankful for some loving friends who helped us immensely!  You can see that our entire kitchen and hallway floor was going to need to be replaced.  I was excited about that part, but the timing was all wrong.  We are saving for adoption.  We have an adoption account that gets filled with flower sale profits and gifts from friends.  Then we have our own savings account that we are working at building up to add to that adoption account.  This mess was not to happen right now...not where we wanted to spend our pennies.  but, God knows these things.  This big mess did not catch him by surprise.  Neither did the hot water tank that went out last week.  Neither did the muffler that went on the car the week before.  Neither does my eldest son's need for braces, glorious braces.

I had a little meltdown yesterday.  Crying.  Asking God for a break.  Asking for something to be easy.  Something to work like it should.

I got home from church today and retrieved yesterday's mail from the mailbox.  I noticed our tax papers were there awaiting our signature.  It's always a little scary opening that envelope.  I always have this dollar amount in my head and am so hopeful that it is something close to that number.  I wept as I pulled the paper out of the envelope, realizing that that number blew my number out of the water.  God provided.  He provided for the unanticipated projects.  And then some.  Some for braces.  Some for a man we know who has a need.  And best of all...    
                                                                                            ...some for our baby girl!

I hate it when I have an unnecessary meltdown.  I hate it when I doubt God's plan.  I hate it when I fail to take all of my problems to His the One who can do something about them.
I echo the words of the father in Mark 9:24.
                                  “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i'm a-chasing...

...papers.  The stage commonly known as the "paper chase".  That's where we are.  Is it a lot of work?  yes.  Is it overwhelming?  yes.  Is it stuff I shouldn't have to do as a mother of 3 already?  yes.  Am I enjoying it?  yes.  I am choosing to.  Each paper signed and notarized brings me one step closer to being the mom of my sweet baby girl.  Who'd of thunk that in order to be the mom of a daughter I would have to have fire exits posted on all three floors of my house?  Who'd of thunk that in order to have a daughter with whom I can have a tea party I would have to submit letters confirming my husband's employment and salary and benefits and life insurance policies?  Who'd of thunk that in order to have a daughter to buy sweet dresses for I'd have to be fingerprinted and have a child abuse clearance?  As crazy as this process is, I wouldn't have it any other way.  She...this nameless, faceless baby girl that has captured our so worth it.  What a way to have a baby!

In my spare time, I'm reading the book Adopted for Life by Russell Moore.


I love how it compares the theology of our adoption as a child of God to the adoption of a child into a family.  I'm just on the 2nd chapter, but its one of those books that you know is going to be good after reading just the first page. 

And then there's flowers.

Business has been somewhat slow since the Christmas rush, but you won't find me complaining.  There are no rings of filth around my least there weren't yesterday.  Mountains of laundry have been reduced to small hills.  More meals are being prepared and eaten at home.  The spring rush is about to hit with some open houses and ad spots, though.  I won't be complaining then, either.
                                               We are so thankful for God's provision for this adoption.