Tuesday, April 10, 2012

drive to Columbus + apostille + picnic

We managed to get a late start to Columbus. A certain someone locked his keys in the car, the DVD player wouldn't work, and 20 minutes into the trip I realized I forgot the papers that were the whole point of this trip. Thankfully, every time I looked into the rearview mirror there was a happy face starring back at me. And what tops a picnic lunch on a gorgeous day with this little heartbreaker?
Friday, the papers were overnighted to our agency.  I drove home from the post office to find an email with a few more things that IHNFA is requirring of us.  So today I made appointments for the boys for physicals, blood work, urine and sight tests.  Dan is working on getting a copy of the deed to our house.  And yep.  You guessed it.  These things need to be notarized, certified and apostilled.  So it looks like another drive to Columbus is in our near future.  Time is of the essence.  A baby girl awaits us.