Wednesday, July 13, 2011

wow...just wow

We mailed in our application to USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) exactly 2 weeks ago.  This notification came in the mail this week stating that they received our application...
Um, 1930 Salem Parkway does not exists.  Nor does Westloke, OH.  And 44148 is a non-existent zip code.   But most importantly...I am NOT 40 years old!!!!!  How this even made its way back to our hands is most miraculous!  My printing is fairly neat.  I was a school teacher.  I took a handwriting class in college.  And I passed.  With and A.  Clearly we have a God that is showing us just how much this baby girl is to be a part of our family.  We are praising God!

I have never felt more proud of the US Post Office!  Never.

And did you all notice the little thermometer on the side of the blog?  Go on.  Take a look.

Did you see?  $20,000.  $20,000!!!!!  A most generous loved one put up the remaining $3,000 that we needed to submit our paperwork.  We have huge hearts of gratitude!  Only $8,000 more to go.  We are still hoping and praying to have her in our arms by the end of the year!  Please pray that with us!


  1. Meg, I love your blog and I love you! You guys are just wonderful, I am praying so hard that you are holding that precious baby girl in a few short months!

  2. seriously? all of that stuff is wrong? wow, how on earth did it arrive to you! crazy uscis!!! but WOW WOW WOW $20K!!! i am so thrilled for you and how much closer you are!!!

  3. what a miracle!!

    i just found your etsy site & your blog. simply can NOT wait to see my linen poppy
    & even more so
    what the Lord will do in your family!

  4. So exciting....congratulations! I wish the post office worked that well for me....we just got paperwork returned because we were short $.02!