Sunday, July 24, 2011


The #1 lesson I am learning in this process of adoption is to expect the unexpected. We had hoped to have our paperwork in by June 15.  Our psychological evaluation is in Honduras being reviewed right now.  We are awaiting a favorable response on that along with the approval from USCIS (citizenship and immigration office) before we will be able to submit our dossier...hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

One of the reasons that we chose Honduras was that we did not want to have to travel more than once. 
1.  because I HATE to in I really have some issues.  My husband is threatening to drug me for the trip...and I can't say that I am really objecting!
2.  because we did not want to have to leave the boys twice in a short time period.
3.  because we did not want to have to meet our baby and then leave her only to return to pick her up several weeks later.

As you might have guessed from my gripping lead-in, it is looking quite likely that we will be traveling twice to Honduras.  Short trips...only 4-5 days long for each one.  But likely 6 weeks in between trips.  Five days of holding our precious daughter and then returning her to her crib for 6 very long weeks until we can make her forever ours.  I already feel angst about these 6 weeks.  Six weeks of knowing her smell, but not being able to smell it.  Six weeks of her missing our touch and our kisses and hugs.  But she has a Father her that knows her and loves her better than we ever could and we will entrust her to Him for those six weeks...and the rest of her life.  She is His before she is ours.


  1. I'm not even close to being religious, but that sentiment is amazing. Good luck with your journey. xo

  2. continuing to pray for you all thru this process .... Think of you all so often and miss you!