Sunday, July 24, 2011


The boys caught snakes...yes, in some friends house on the 4th of July.  They were thrilled.  The snakes came home with us.  Let me introduce you to Sneaky and Jumper.

When the littlest guy and I awoke the next morning, we could not find the brothers.  No wii.  No ds.  No computer.  No tv.  I began to wonder if they had been abducted!!! :)  We found them our front...they had made this "snake playground" in the driveway.  Not once that day did anyone ask to play on any electronics.  Not once.  I began to wonder if these snakes had powers like Kaa in the Jungle Book!  I was being won over by our new friends.
Life got a little busy towards the end of the week and we weren't home much.  Friday the boys checked on the snakes to find them not with us any longer.  They baked to death.  Saturday was the burial service.  Uncontrollable tears streamed down one son's face right into the shallow grave.  He wrote a poem and read it to his beloved friends.  Broke this mama's heart. 
So much so that I promised that we could go back and capture more snakes.  What was I thinking???  Did I mention that a snake got loose in the house at one point?  Lovely.

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  1. How is your dossier coming and USCIS approval? I love all of the pictures on your blog. I think your blog is awesome. Wow, you all have raised a lot of money. How awesome to have that much support from family and friends!