Monday, June 6, 2011

memorial day

Some photos of a last.  Our dear friends, the Darge's are moving to Illinois.  The Parma Hts. Memorial Day parade has been a tradition the last few years.  Although, this year it had us wondering why.  It was so much less about a great parade and so much more about what we were celebrating.  Waiving our flags to memorialize the men and women who have served to keep us free.  So much more about the company...and the food.

Somehow the Darge girls missed the photo op.  I am not a professional, clearly.  Next year there will be another sweet girl in this mix of boys.  Our girl.  The Darge's must return for another parade.  The Westlake parade.

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  1. What??? You are not going to the Parma Heights parade anymore!? Could there possibly be a better parade somewhere else? :) We should have marched in that parade. We seriously should have. It would have not only doubled the excitement it would have doubled the length! Good times, good times!