Thursday, June 23, 2011

garage sale recap *UPDATE*

*(UPDATE)* We made it.  Actually we surpassed it...totaling $2139.  Praise God!!!

I'm tired.  What an undertaking this was.  I will never have another garage sale....I think I said that last summer, though!  However, this sale I would do again in a heartbeat.  For an orphan.  Any orphan.  But today was for our orphan.  We ended the day with $1685 cash in hand.  We have a few things left that will sell on craigslist, I'm sure, putting us over the $2000 mark.  $2000.  $2000 from things that people were getting rid of.

Thank you to those of you who loaded your cars, vans, trucks, and trailers (yes trailers...thank you Smith's!) with items that we turned into cash for our baby girl!

Thank you to marvelous friends and family who came to sort, price, load and unload these items...even in the rain!  I was amazed at the hagglers some of you turn into when a baby girl is on the line! :)  The grunt work isn't fun or easy, so you all are rock stars in my book!

Thank you to my children who ate 6 consecutive meals of cookies and lemonade along with watching exorbitant amounts of netflix.  Oh, and thanks for trashing the house, too.  Lovely.

Thank you, God for this incredible journey of faith you have placed us on.  I am continually blown away...and a bit ashamed that my faith is so small.

So there's my speech.  Instead of an Oscar, I'll take my daughter! :)

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