Sunday, May 8, 2011

the last...

I find myself referring to milestones lately as the last.  Today I will spend my very last Mother's Day as a mom of 3 boys.  I wouldn't change a day in my life of mothering three boys.  (OK...maybe I would change yesterday.  Shopping with three boys is a nightmare.  Plain nightmare.)  But I have to say that around Mother's Day is one of those times that I wish I had a daughter....for those mother/daughter brunches that I usually frequent by myself.  Remember in the movie "Father of the Bride II" when George and Nina find out they are having another baby.  She looks out the window day dreaming of she and her daughter skipping down the street wearing sweet dresses and licking an ice cream cone.  Then George daydreams of a daughter running away from him screaming and throwing things...throwing a fit.  I'm thinking that having a daughter is like Nina's vision.  If its more like George's vision...keep your comments to yourself.  Don't kill my dreams.  I'd rather not know the truth.

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