Friday, May 6, 2011


The beloved homestudy visit took place this week.  We prepped the kids.  We prepped the kids some more.  On how to be polite.  Why is that so quickly forgotten?  Prepping didn't help this situation.  I'm not sure anything could have helped this visit from the social worker.  The boys were silly.  Crazy silly.  Almost obnoxious.  Almost.  Rolling all over the floor while she was trying to talk to them.  Talking loudly.  I was ready to crawl out of my skin and show my ugly self to the social worker.  I showed restraint.  All the while thinking, these kids don't care who she is.  They don't care what she thinks of them.  They don't care what she'll write about them.  They are who they are.  I could learn a few things from my crazy, silly boys.  I'd be better for it.

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