Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sometimes God speaks while I am vacuuming...perhaps I should clean more often

In trying to choose a country to adopt from and an agency to use, I've been feeling tremendous pressure.  I've always felt this pull towards adopting from China, but I am just learning about a Honduras pilot program. Available are healthy babies and toddlers and the process once paperwork is turned in is 6 mo. to 1 yr.

I was vacuuming this afternoon thinking that this decision is like choosing a mate. Let me explain. Within some qualifiers (Christian, man to be the leader of the home, godly character, etc.) God gives us freedom in choosing a mate. God knew that I would marry my husband, but I don't think he was the only one that I could have chosen and lived a happy, fulfilled life with. (Now don't get me wrong...I wouldn't trade my man for anyone in the world). So, I'm not so sure that the country we choose to adopt from will paralyze God's will. His desire is that orphans are cared for and loved and have a home. Do we really need to feel the pressure of trying to "find" the daughter He has for us?  I'm not so sure that we do.  I am not so big that I can keep God's plan from working.  He works in spite of me...in spite of my weakness...in spite of my mistakes...in spite of my sin...in spite of my lack of faith.  In the meantime we pray for wisdom and move forward as best as we can.

A new friend (thanks, Ang!) sent me this youtube video...love this song!


  1. i'm going to pick up the vaccume and see what i come up with tonight :)

    i love your thoughts and have been thinking about your words all afternoon...

    oh and i love and the shout out to your new friend :))

  2. Hi, I'm a new follower, found you through Building Blocks and can't wait to shop in your store! Blessings,