Saturday, November 20, 2010


I've spent most of my evening crying.  We received our acceptance letter today from Living Hope Adoption Agency.  So exciting!  Until we got to the part where in order to continue we needed a significant check.  We have the amount for the first payment...we can do that.  But that's where it ends.  I'll have to sell an awful lot of flowers for us to bring this baby girl home before we're 40!  Satan is having a field day in making me doubt this whole thing.  "That's a lot of money...can God really make this happen?"  I'm wondering if it is really what we should do?  I mean, I know it is.  God tells us that in His Word.  We're just to this point of a significant financial much bigger than our means and the fear, doubt and questions set in.

But then I get excited.  Excited that a year or so from now I can look back at this blog entry and laugh.  Laugh in the face of my doubt.  Laugh with praise at the faithfulness of our God who moved mountains so that we could adopt our precious baby girl!  And that God would choose to allow us to be a testimony to His faithfulness and deep love for orphans. 

Bring it, Satan.  My God is bigger!
Jeremiah 32:27
“I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?"


  1. "When the morning falls on the farthest hill, I will sing His name- I will praise Him still. When dark trials come and my heart is filled with the weight of doubt- I will praise Him still. For the Lord our God, He is strong to save; from the arms of death- from the deepest grave. And He gave us life in His perfect will and by His good grace I will praise Him still." -Song by Fernando Ortega

    Sometimes God brings unexpected news in our lives to bring us closer to Him- and teach us something that we weren't aware of. I'll continue to pray for your baby girl. He'll provide for you- when His timing is right.

  2. congratulations! you are officially adopting!! because you feel scared and unsure and doubting whether or not you can do it...YOU can't do it...but your GOD and SAVIOR and LOVER OF ORPHANS CAN!!!!!! it sounds cheesy, but it is the truth! we serve a God, creator, the most amazing inventor, whos passion and deep caring thrive for those forgotten by the world. but your little one, your sweet little one, is not forgotten by you! and not forgotten by God. don't loose hope my sweet friend. sell flowers, have a garage sale, ask your friends to garage sale, have a HUGE giveaway on your blog and post it everywhere on facebook (by the way, when i was at the stage you are right now, i did a Wii giveaway on my blog and raised $2000 in a weekend. SERIOUSLY! IT CAN HAPPEN!!!) let's brainstorm together!

  3. The great thing about that huge amount of money is that there is NO way you can pay it on your own! That figure has GOD written all over it!
    Aren't you thankful we live for and serve a God who delights in redemption?! Just as He redeemed you, He has a plan to redeem your daughter. Our redemption was costly . . . so is hers . . . but He is able!!
    (Just two little cents from a fellow adoptive mom!)
    Blessings to your family!!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! Our God is greater, our God is stronger, our God is higher than any other!

  5. hey girl...just found you and wanted to say hi! God has called you to this, and He WILL provide for you to bring your daughter home. Stay confident, and trust in HIM alone! We are going to be starting the adoption process soon and I'm resting in the fact that God will provide every penny we need. I hope you continue to do the same in the upcoming months leading up to bringing your baby home. Can't wait to see what He has in store for you! Congrats!!