Wednesday, December 25, 2013

a not quite full heart

Four boys woke early.  Christmas presents have been opened.  Breakfast has been consumed.  Wrapping paper cleaned up.  And in the quiet of boys napping or playing quietly, my heart is quiet.  And longing.  Longing for this sweet girl that we've been working and striving to bring home for the last 3 years.  There's room on the mantle for her stocking.  There's room on my lap for many snuggles.

The Israelites waited through 400 years of silence.  Longing for a Deliverer.  The Messiah.  And He came in the most unlikely of ways.  Humbly.  To a young couple far from home in less than ideal conditions.  No fanfare.  No cheers or congratulations.  In the still, quiet of night, the long-awaited (dare I say, forgotten) One became flesh.  And this Word became flesh and turned the world upside down.

New numbers have been issued and we will learn of them in January.  In the meantime, during this wait (which I am confident won't be 400 years) we pray that God will draw us to Him as we long for His second coming with the intensity in which we long for the coming of our baby girl.

My heart is swellon with love for these boys God has given me.  But it is not full.  Full will come when she is home.  Finally home.

Merry Christmas, boys of mine.  And Merry Christmas, sweet Christmas we will sit in the glow of the lights and I will hold you with tear filled eyes and a grateful, very full heart.

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  1. Just checking in on you and your family...wondering where you were at in regards to bringing your daughter home. What a beautiful family! My heart aches for you as you long for her...still praying for you all.