Monday, June 4, 2012


This blog has been silent for quite some time.  Partly because there is not much to tell.  Our dossier was reviewed by IHNFA in early March.  We were told that the boys needed complete lab work done.  You can imagine their excitement over this news.  They were champs!
We made another trip to Columbus to get the paperwork apostilled.  This time, Dan went with me.  This resulted in me getting dropped off in the middle of streets in downtown Columbus, dodging cars to get the paperwork where it needed to go.  ( wasn't quite like that, but close.  Very close.)  This updated paperwork is now currently in Honduras being translated.  We are hopeful and confident that our dossier will be approved this time and we will be given a wait list number.

Then...we're looking at 12-18months before we receive a referral.  Not the greatest news I've ever received.  We certainly didn't expect this process to take 3 years from start to finish.  But we are trusting God and certainly seeing that He knows best.

A friend of ours shared this song with us.  Perfect.

We have friends who are currently in China bringing home their sweet girl...enjoying those first hours with her. How thrilling to see photos of them with their baby in their arms.  Process nearly complete.  Years of waiting and longing finally over.  I couldn't be happier for them.  But I can barely wait to be in that place.  Baby girl in arms.  End of the waiting.  Family complete.  But God still has us in the waiting room...preparing us for that day.  I choose to be content here.  My love for our sweet girl ever growing.  Trusting this ever-changing process to a never-changing God.

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  1. May the strengthening of the Lord that He promised for those who wait (Isaiah 40:31) be yours in abundance.